Kylie Jenner Reveals $1.4 Million ‘Push Present’ From Boyfriend Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner has revealed the $1.4 million worth gift she got from her boyfriend, Travis Scott!

Since the birth of Stormi, Jenner was spotted for the first time in three weeks, enjoying a little spin in her new black Ferrari in Malibu, California. On her Instagram story, it was revealed that the $1.4 million car is said to be a ‘push present’ from her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

The limited edition 950 horsepower black Ferrari, Travis’ gift to Kylie. (Source: Kylie’s Instagram story)

Lined with magnificent streamline features and a crimson red interior, the makeup mogul flaunted just what a dream car looks like. Jenner rotates the camera as she records her pricey present and gives a glimpse of Ferrari’s signature, the butterfly doors.

The limited edition Ferrari is one of the only 500 made by the company!

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner posing for a photo in a Bentley. (Source: Instagram)

However, the single question that was raised by the internet regarding the car was, “Where’s the baby’s car seat?”

Jenner is a quite an enthusiast when it comes to fancy cars. On her 18th birthday, her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, gifted her a Ferrari and on her 19th, a Maybach Mercedes.

kylie jenner
Kylie also got cars from previous boyfriend, Tyga. (Source: Getty Images)

However, this has not been the only present the Snapchat queen has been hiding from her fans. After uploading her mini-documentary regarding her pregnancy, she triggered engagement rumors when she displayed herself wearing a new diamond ring in the video.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie sparkling her new diamond ring in her mini-documentary, “To Our Daughter.” (Source: YouTube)

Weeks after breaking up with Tyga, Jenner made her relationship with Scott public in April 2017, when the pair were spotted at a Coachella party together.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott attend a basketball game together. (Source: Getty Images)

Despite the rumors, the couple remained secretive about Jenner’s pregnancy and only chose to disclose it when she publicly released a YouTube video, To Our Daughter.

The 11-minute video won the hearts of millions all around the world, as she detailed the months which eventually led to the birth of their baby girl, Stormi.

Kylie Jenner
Travis and Kylie before the birth of daughter, Stormi. (Source: YouTube)
Kylie Jenner attends the PrettyLittleThing x Paper Magazine in Palm Springs, California. (Source: Getty Images)

The 20-year-old reality TV star recently took to Instagram on Thursday, to unveil her new makeup line, The Weather Collection, inspired by her baby girl, Stormi.

Kylie displaying her new makeup line, #weathercollection. (Source: Twitter)

According to The Sun, Jenner picked and trademarked Stormi’s name months before giving birth so she could use it for her new makeup range.

A source said, “Kylie’s been dreaming up baby names for around two years – as her best friend said in the pregnancy video, she’s wanted to be a mom forever.”

Kylie Jenner’s new line of powder palettes. (Source: Instagram)

It further added, “A new make-up range was already in the planning when she found out she was pregnant, so the idea came together over the pregnancy and when Kylie chose the name Stormi it was really early on.

“She had to decide months back what name she wanted so they could start working on the packaging and the theme for the new line.”

It was also reported that by trademarking ‘Stormi’, Jenner has ensured that no one will be able to profit from the ‘already famous’ name.

Kylie’s makeup line, ‘Calm Before The Storm’. (Source: Twitter)

Seems like there can never be enough rumors surrounding the lives of the Kardashian clan. As the new engagement speculation forms, fans have been wondering when will there be an official announcement from the couple.

One of the fans sarcastically asked, “So is Kylie engaged or do we have to wait 9 months to find that out now”

Rumors being raised if Kylie is engaged to Travis or not. (Source: Twitter)

Supposedly, fans will have to wait this one out too, until the Snapchat Queen unveils the announcement herself.

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