Guy Has Hilarious Meltdown While Trying to Buy Leggings for Girlfriend!

Tay Gallagher’s tweet went viral after she posted text messages from her perplexed boyfriend, Tim Goddard, who was incredulous over the existence of different types of black leggings available for girls to pick from!

The boyfriend, Tim Goddard, who was confused by the variety of leggings available for women. (Source: Twitter)

Ever sent your boyfriend on an errand and he was not quite up to the task? Well, here is one boyfriend who found it particularly hard to fulfill his girlfriend’s wish of buying her a pair of black leggings.

Tom’s girlfriend, Tay Gallagher, who asked him to go shopping for her. (Source: Twitter)

Gallagher from Ipswich, England told her boyfriend, Goddard, to pick a pair of black leggings for her. Little did he know he was signing up for his worst nightmare.

After a little while of trying to accomplish therather complex task, a panicked Goddard started flooding his girlfriend’s inbox with a myriad of humorous messages, begging for help.

Source: Twitter

Goddard was particularly taken aback by the number of different kinds of leggings that were available and what the reason was behind the elaborate range and types.

Tim’s conversation with his girlfriend, Tay. (Source: Twitter)
He jokingly said he was going to die while trying to buy her the right kind of leggings. (Source: Twitter)

The girlfriend uploaded the following conversation with a tweet that said, “When you ask your boyf to pick you up a pair of leggings whilst he’s in town.”

He wrote, “There’s so many types of leggings”
“Why? For what reason?”
“Do you want ankle length or ones that don’t say ankle length?”
“Do you need ones with zips?”
“Why do some have zips?”
“This is incredible”
“I fail to understand the need for eight thousand different types of black leggings.”
“Ok so now I’ve spotted that they have different thicknesses as well”

He was soon overcome with complete confusion and admitted that shopping for women can be a daunting task.

“I’m feeling overwhelmed”
“No wonder the number of women with anxiety is on the rise.”

The boyfriend was overwhelmed with the amount and types of leggings available, (Source: Getty Images)

After spending some more time trying to pick the perfect leggings for his beautiful girlfriend, he gave up. He also comically told his girlfriend that he was going to die, while trying to accomplish this task.

“I don’t know what to get man”
“I’m on the floor now in the fetal position”
“Send help”
“I’ve been in this shop for five days now”
“I miss the sun”
“Tay, I love you. Tell my family I love them too”
“I’m using extra thick leggings for warmth now, but I don’t think I’ll last much longer”
“Wait, I think I see someone”
“Oh… No… nope, my bad. It was just a sign advertising another type of legging”
“Also black.”

The tweet became very popular on Twitter today, accumulating over 58 thousand likes and 15.5 thousand retweets. Other women and young girls also shared their own experiences with their boyfriends in the past.

Source: Twitter

One of the twitter users mentioned, “I asked my boyfriend to get me some knee length socks and was on the receiving end of a similar message thread.”

Another said, “Haha I don’t even bother with mine, he has a meltdown on my behalf when we go shopping.”

Source: Twitter

However, there were some men who felt bad for Goddard and totally empathized with him.

One Twitter user said, “Had nearly the same experience when I went to buy leggings for my 10-year-old cousin. I just read this to my mom and we had a good laugh.”

Source: Twitter

Another baffled male commented, “Legit!!!!! I just don’t understand!!!”

Source: Twitter

There were others who thoroughly enjoyed the tweet and found the romantic duo extremely adorable.

“Made my day!!! What a cool couple!!”

Source: Twitter

“Hysterical. Thanks. You’ve made my day. Best laugh in a long time. Best tweet as of 10:20 AM CT”

Source: Twitter

Goddard’s meltdown eventually ended after standing at the shop for 5 whole minutes, although the real question remains intact: Did he manage to get the “right” pair of black leggings or not? We sincerely hope that he did!

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