An African SFX Makeup Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Disney Characters

Melania Zamora, 28, from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Africa also known as Muapalooza is producing the best of SFX makeup.

Melania’s first job was that of a dance teacher, she has been practicing hip-hop ever since the age of 17. She also established a brief career as a house dancer. Later, she graduated as a nursing assistant at the age of 21.

Finally, in December 2016, she completed another degree, taking a step forward to pursue her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist. Now, she is tutoring newbies too.

SFX Makeup
Diva Plavalaguna, another one of her creations. (Source: Melania Zamora)

Melania says that she has always been into drawing, acrylic and oil painting since she was 7-year-old, in and out of school. That helped her a lot with her apprenticeship later on.

SFX Makeup
The Creepers look is one great option for Halloween. (Source: Melania Zamora)

Her main focus is face and bodypainting along basic SFX makeup right now. She particularly loves to recreate characters or sometimes, invent a new one. That comes from her love for science fiction/horror movies.

Melania loves cosplay, but since cosplaying gets too expensive, she has narrowed it down to a full cosplay every 6 months. Just a little play of her makeup brushes and the characters you see on TV come to life.

SFX Makeup
Cleopatra with a mummified self on the other half. (Source: Melania Zamora)

Every look Melania creates is inspired by a movie character that she falls for. She’s just like: “Wow, it would be great to do that character!”

She has always liked experimenting, the more complex a look, all the more reasons to do it. Melania’s work is not as simple as it seems; she begins with the props; then she proceeds to paint herself, mostly with Grimas Aquacolors.

She revealed that every time she’s debuting a makeup look, she makes her own custom color palette, to work faster and make the look more realistic. Mostly, eyeshadows do the trick. The SFX makeup artist loves taking pictures of her craft using cellular and lighting tricks she learned a few years ago, as an alternative to Photoshop, which according to her violates her work.

SFX Makeup
Mad Circus, as she calls this look of hers. (Source: Melania Zamora)

With the outcomes that are visibly breathtaking, it is no surprise that every look takes about 4-5 hours.

SFX Makeup
This Jafar from Aladdin look is simply mind-blowing! (Source: Melania Zamora)

Clearly, what is really her department is advanced SFX makeup. While she was saving money to study SFX makeup, she became her own motivation. Melania said: “You can improve your body painting! So here I am hahahah”.

Melania claims every artist around the globe who produces original content is an inspiration to her. Be it SFX makeup artists, body/face painters or any other types, they never fail to impress her. Though, if she had to chose one, it would be Stan Winston. The skilled artist believes there are a lot of undiscovered artists out there who are really brilliant.

One of the SFX makeup artist’s favorite characters she has done is the “Mars Attack Ambassador” look.

SFX Makeup
Mars Attack Ambassador; one of Melania’s favorite characters (Source: Melania Zamora)

It became a milestone for her because of the complexity of the procedure. She said: “I was really nervous about doing so, but finally, when I saw it on the pictures I took, I got very surprised with the result!”.

SFX Makeup
A flawless pirate look by the ingenious artist. (Source: Melania Zamora)

She plans to visit to Simbiox, in Madrid, to study advanced SFX makeup, animatronics, 3D design and more in the near future. Melania aspires to work with ingenious makeup artists in Hollywood and add to her experience.

Melania Zamora believes you can never get enough exposure in this field of work.

She said: “Always a student, never a teacher!”.

With these mindblowing makeup tricks and a bunch of our favorite TV characters, we hope to see Melania painting out favorite celebrities soon!

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